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“I have never lived in fear of wars or raids. In my country you have to go to war to see a war; for many Africans, war comes to them,” said a young man who visited an IMB missionary in Uganda. “I felt fear, their fear, and it helps me to realize the gift of living in a peaceful nation. Yes, Africa is in need of much, but nothing more than peace.”

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February 27, 2015
Senufo Supyire of Mali “I was sought by those who did not ask; I was found by those who did not seek Me. I said, ‘Here I am, here I am,’ to a nation that was not called by My name” (Isaiah 65:1, NIV). Pray that the Senufo Supyire will inquire about the Lord and search for the Truth. Pray that those not looking for the Lord will find Him and...

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The Word of God comes alive in South Sudan amongst an indigenous people. See how. #StoryTogether #SouthSudan


14 Hands On students just left Orientation to Shatter the Silence across SSA. Where will you go?… #imbstudents