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[AfricaStories] Millennials in Madagascar trust God despite difficulties Story

Although difficulties are present in Madagascar, millennial missionaries consider them minute compared to the larger concern of reaching the island with the gospel.

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March 27, 2015
Jola-Fonyi of Senegal and The Gambia The Jola-Fonyi are a very friendly and gracious people, numbering approximately 500,000 in southern Senegal and the southwestern part of The Gambia. This area is about the size of the state of Massachusetts. So far, they have been very willing to hear God’s Word but have been very slow in accepting Jesus as...

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Christian workers’ prayers for reaching their people are answered through solid partnerships that multiply laborers.


14 Hands On students just left Orientation to Shatter the Silence across SSA. Where will you go?… #imbstudents