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[AfricaStories] Community ties hinder gospel acceptance in South Africa Story

For the Pedi of South Africa to accept the gospel requires a paradigm shift in the community. It’s a struggle for them to believe when they just want to belong. A Pedi pastor reminds his people that when coming to faith in Christ, “they will come to Him as individuals, not as a group.”

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August 28, 2015
Sub-Saharan African Peoples The Salampasu of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) were a feared, warlike people and thought to be cannibalistic, possibly due in part to their practice of filing their teeth to sharp, canine points. Presently, with their population at just over 220,000, they focus on hunting and farming. They are located...

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Women in the village perform a traditional dance meant to invoke the spirits. The identity of the woman wearing re…


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