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[AfricaStories] Baptist entities race to meet critical needs of those affected by famine in South Sudan Story

An escalating civil war is preventing humanitarian aid from reaching those most affected by famine in South Sudan, according to Tim Cearley, a senior International Mission Board (IMB) strategy leader for Sub-Saharan Africa. “Pray for doors to open in good time,” he said. The United Nations Security Council expressed “grave concern” over the ever-worsening food situation. They now call it the “worst in the world.”

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July 09, 2014
ISLAND PEOPLES OF THE INDIAN OCEAN An island in the Indian Ocean has a population of approximately 1.3 million people and comprises several religions, with the main ones being Hinduism, Islam, and Roman Catholicism. The people are approximately 65 percent Hindu, 20 percent Roman Catholic and 15 percent Muslim. Most of the population has never...

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Missionary learns to love a pimp…


In Sub-Saharan Africa, about 30.6 million children are not in school. As you go back to school, pray for them to receive education as well.