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[AfricaStories] Churches share the task in West African city of Abidjan Video

Mike and Heather McAfee have plans for putting wings on their vision to reach Abidjan with the Gospel.

This sprawling West African city, getting on its feet again after a decade of war and turmoil, is not an easy fix. As the economic capital of Ivory Coast, more than 6 million people and 60 indigenous language groups live here.

“Our vision is to encourage our pastors [here] to look outward where God is working in people’s lives and see if we can’t go there and start planting churches,” Mike says.

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December 19, 2014
FULANI OF WESTERN NIGER (foo-LAH-nee) Keeping watch over their flocks and herds . . . does this scene sound familiar? It isn’t from the biblical account of the birth of Immanuel. It actually takes place every day among the Western Niger Fulani. While shepherd boys (and sometimes girls) watch over the flocks and herds, they have a lot of time to...

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"I have come a long way; the journey has exhausted me." - Ngoni (Tanzania) Proverb


In Niger, 36% of children are not enrolled in primary school. #AfricaFacts