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"Christian men literally fist-fighting the pimps!" writes Martha Richards. "Don’t they understand what it means to love and not hate?" As an International Mission Board missionary, Richards ministered on South African streets among the trafficked prostitutes and their pimps, traffickers and drug dealers. In her journal "My Life on the Streets: A Journey of Hope," Richards shares some of the joys, sorrows and struggles she encountered during her human trafficking outreach efforts.

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August 26, 2014
DAKAR, SENEGAL (dah-KAR) Going from seed to fruit takes time. This past month, two Muslim men in Dakar accepted Jesus after first hearing about Him several months earlier. Three other Muslim men in the city who first heard about Jesus a few months ago have begun seriously researching to know more about Him. Rejoice that God is at work here!...

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"One who enters the forest does not listen to the breaking of the twigs in the brush. " - Bemba (Zambia) Proverb


In Sub-Saharan Africa, about 30.6 million children are not in school. As you go back to school, pray for them to receive education as well.