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[AfricaStories] LESSON TWO: Prayer Missions Experience - West African Truckers Audio

Help the kids in your life pray for truckers in West Africa and for the Gospel to spread.

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October 24, 2014
WOLOF OF SENEGAL AND THE GAMBIA (WUHL-uf) “Chess” is a crossroads city in Senegal, but the thick walls of a spiritual stronghold can be found there: occult practice mixed with Islam in this 98 percent-Muslim community. Viewing it like Jericho, the local pastors have been working to ring the city with small village groups of believers, and now...

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Will you pray for those who don't celebrate Halloween but dress up to invoke spiritual worship? #Pray #Halloween


In Gambia, 32% of boys are not enrolled in primary school. #AfricaFacts #IMB