Sub-Saharan Africa

Peoples and Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa

Discover the World of Unreached People Groups Interactive

What is life like in a typical African village? What are the people like? What are their spiritual beliefs?


Interactive People Group Map Interactive

This interactive map pinpoints the priority unreached and unengaged peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Fast Facts about Sub-Saharan Africa Info

Learn about the religions, population and lifestyles of Sub-Saharan African peoples.


Sub-Saharan African Worldview Info

In American time and efficiency are top priorities, but Africans place high value on relationships and community.


Religions of Sub-Saharan Africa

African Traditional Religion/Animism Info

Revering the ancestors and consulting witch doctors is common, even for those who don't claim animism as their religion.


Islam & Folk Islam Resource

Muslims make up 22% of the population, but Islam is often a surface religion. Animism still shapes the core of many beliefs.


Christianity Info

Sub-Saharan Africa is 35% Christian, though often it's a blend of truth with occultic or animistic practices.


Syncretism Info

Syncretism - the blending of two religious systems, such as Islam and animism - is predominant throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.