Sub-Saharan Africa

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Lottie Moon 5k Race and Fun Run Event

Over $3.5 billion has been given through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering [LMCO] to help support missionaries who are planting churches in the darkest corners of the globe and bringing hope to unreached people groups. One church in North Carolina puts together a 5k every Christmas Eve that raises thousands for the offering.

This package provides guidance on hosting your own 5k. Here you can find a start-up guide, poster, t-shirt design and more resources to have a successful LMCO fundraiser that gets the church and community involved.

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Chalkboard Thank You's: Missionaries Share Blessings Video

Through writing on a chalkboard, IMB missionaries express how gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions have blessed their ministries and families.

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Sub-Saharan African Peoples Monthly Prayer Guide Resource

Does it matter if we pray specifically? The International Mission Board believes it does. After all, God does answer specifically. This Monthly Prayer Guide, featuring fast facts and topical prayer requests, is meant to direct your heart toward His heart for the peoples of Africa.

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Flavors of Africa Feature

Use these recipes, party tips and planning resources to host an event where attendees can sample the unique and delicious flavors of Sub-Saharan Africa while praying for unreached peoples, learning about needs and getting involved in missions.

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Standing in the Gap Prayer

Use these resources to set up a room in your church that leads people through a "Standing in the Gap" prayer experience. A large floor map marked with the locations of unreached people groups allows participants to physically stand in the area of the people for whom they are praying. Striking banners and wall art set an African scene, and printed prayer cards guide participants on how to pray.

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Recipes Recipe

These recipes contain instructions on how to make traditional African dishes as well as foods that include common African flavors, including peanuts, chicken, coconut, chocolate, coffee, ginger, mango and pumpkin. Use these recipes to host a Flavors of Africa event that introduces guests to Africa's foods while encouraging them pray for and get the Gospel to the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Music of Sub-Saharan Africa Audio

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of songs crafted by African believers. Many are based on Scripture passages in the local language.

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Henna Art: Illustrating the Gospel Feature

Henna, a temporary artwork drawn on hands and other parts of the body, is a popular beauty technique in parts of Africa. Christian women use henna to illustrate Bible stories and share the Gospel in a non-threatening manner. Learn how to make henna, draw story illustrations and prepare traditional foods. Then spend time praying for the women of the world who use henna and the missionaries who serve them.

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